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The PrismXII training program has been created as a simple method to learn the Sci\ART color analysis system created by the late Kathryn Kalisz. It has been designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the principles required to perform a 12-tone color analysis in the exact way that it was originally designed.

The training program does not attempt to re-write the ‘script’. It does not enhance, elaborate or eliminate anything from the original manuscript. It simply opens the door for more people to understand, and practice, this highly acclaimed color analysis system.

As a fully qualified Sci\ART color analyst, trained personally by Kathryn Kalisz, I have worked for more than 6 years as a color analyst, both in the US and the UK. Using the guidelines and principles taught to me by Kathryn, the Sci\ART process has proven to me, time and time again, to be the most effective and accurate color analysis system in the world.

My goal is to make this unique color analysis system available in locations around the world. The training offered will provide all the tools necessary for you to develop a color analysis business, using the knowledge and broad experience that I have gained during my journey through the fascinating world of color analysis.

Please note:

  • Certification as a fully qualified PrismX11 color analyst will only be certified at the completion of Modules 1 – 3

MODULE 1 will include:

  • What is Color?
  • The Benefits of Color Analysis
  • The Natural Order of Color
  • The Visible Spectrum
  • Primary, Secondary & Tertiary colors; Analogous, Monochromatic & Complementary colors
  • The Pioneers of Color Analysis
  • Munsell Color Theory & System: Hue, Value & Chroma
  • Color Analysis: 4 Seasons vs. 12 Tones; 12 Tone Seasonal Analysis & Color Harmony
  • The 12 Seasonal Tones; Characteristics of the 12 Tones; Shapes & Elements of the 12 Tones
  • 12 Tones Essence Colors


12-seasonal tone drapes study workshop using fabric chosen by Kathryn Kalisz and exercises designed to understand the Munsell Color ‘Space’.

MODULE 3 will include

  • The Analysis – How it works
  • The Draping Sequence; how to use the Red Test, the 4 True Seasons Test and the Neutral Tones Test Drapes
  • Opposing & Harmonizing Effects
  • Skin Undertones & eye colors, the Fitzpatrick Skin Test,
  • Color Personalities: description, traits and characteristics
  • Seasonal styles
  • How to set up a studio; Checklist for a PCA
  • Equipment & Supplies; Color books/palettes/fans
  • Additional tools & useful resources
  • Business requirements & recommendations

Training Dates and Locations

PrismXII color analyst training is available in the US  The location in the US is in Naples, Florida.

Dates are according to demand and availability. We make every effort to offer dates that suit your schedule.

The training program is 3 full days, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Please contact Nikki to enquire about any aspect of the training program.

+1 908.229.4444 | PrismXII LLC, 7505 Cordoba Circle, Naples, Florida 34109 site by North1°