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The 70 colors presented in your palette are CORE colors for your seasonal tone.

The 12 seasonal tone palettes have been created using authentic, accurate Munsell colors. They are created using the Hue, Value and Chroma dimensions of all colors that were first identified and notated by Albert Munsell in the late 1800’s.

Each color in the palette has been taken from one of 10 Munsell Hue pages, known as plates: Red, Red Purple, Purple, Purple-Blue, Blue, Blue-Green, Green, Green-Yellow, Yellow and Yellow-Red.

Each of the seasonal tones logically fits into the Hue plates at a specific level of Value and Chroma. There are no cross-over or combinations. Each color is unique to its individual palette.

Your skin has a Hue [Warm, Cool or Neutral], a Value [Light to Dark] and a Chroma [Bright to Soft/muted] level. Once these characteristics have been identified, during a personal color analysis, the colors presented in the palette provided are balanced and harmonized at a similar level on the Value and Chroma scale.

For example, if Dark is the dominant dimension/characteristic required to create harmony with your skin’s undertone, the colors in the palette can all be found in the low Value colors on each of the Hue plates. Likewise, if Bright is the dominant dimension/characteristic of your tone, then all the colors have been chosen from those that have the highest level of Chroma; sometimes known as Saturation.

The 12 seasonal tone palettes contain only 830 colors of the 1,500 Munsell colors available. The colors were objectively chosen to represent the very best colors to be worn by a person with your skin undertone. The colors are the best you can wear. They are the A+ colors for you.

The goal for creating the PrismX11 palettes was to select colors based on the Munsell notations that closely match and harmonize with your skin’s undertone in Value and Chroma  The colors in each palette can be measured, using a Spectrophotometer, to confirm their similar dimensions in Hue, Value and Chroma.

Other palettes on the market may present colors that are not found in the PrismX11 palettes. This is due to the fact that they are not accurate or scientifically correct in the Munsell color ‘space’. Whilst they may ‘feel’ good; or be a personal favorite, they cannot be part of these palettes due to their wide variation of dimensions on the Value and Chroma levels.

These color palettes were created with the purpose of educating you about how to wear the very best colors that balance and harmonize with your individual coloring.

Additional colors for each of the 12 seasonal tones are now available.  See Palette Plus Pages under the Palette Accessories menu.

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