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In 2011, I purchased all of the fabric that had been carefully collected by Kathryn Kalisz over many years. At the time it was hard to estimate the quantity, and quality, of what I had acquired. But I knew in my heart that they were incredibly special… valuable and irreplaceable.

When I began to open the containers it became apparent that the fabric was in a poor condition, having been stored, at random, in plastic boxes in a garage since Kathryn’s death. I painstakingly went through every piece of fabric, assigned it to its correct tone, and had each piece of fabric refinished.  This included edging the fabric with stitching, not glue, to prevent fraying; adding new larger and stronger grommets, and finally pressing each one.  They now look beautiful; and I can honestly say I believe they are the best drapes available in the world!

These drapes are part of the heritage of Kathryn Kalisz and the Sci\ART color analysis system that she created.   I have done everything in my power to honor her memory by making them into drapes that represent her color analysis system accurately and to benefit anyone that is passionate about this amazing color analysis process.

  • The drapes have been selected from the complete collection of fabric previously owned by Kathryn Kalisz. A few additional colors have been carefully chosen to provide a complete range of colors for each seasonal tone.
  • Each drape is approximately 30” x 18” and has been made, or re-furbished, with a stitched edging, and double-bonded, nickel grommet. Additional fabric has been added to support the grommet on delicate fabrics.
  • Each drape has been ironed, but not cleaned. There may be occasional marks or fabric damage. This is as a result of the poor storage conditions and care prior to my acquisition of the fabrics in 2011.
  • Some colors are very limited in quantity. It is highly probable that no 2 sets of drapes will be identical. This is how the drapes were created, and sold by Kathryn Kalisz. Every effort will be made to supply colors that represent the seasonal tone as accurately as possible.
  • Returns will not be accepted. The drapes are sold on an ‘As is’ basis. Exchanges will be considered, depending on availability.

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