The fan, and poster of the pages of the fan, have been developed and produced by Nikki Bogardus of PrismXII. They are the 2018 version of a fan and poster created in 1957 by Dorothy Nickerson, color technologist, United States Department of Agriculture.  The aim for the original fan was to provide the world of horticulture with a chart that would be inexpensive, easy to handle, based on sound principles of color organization, and equally useful for identification, specification, and for color harmony studies.

The inspiration for this version was to recognize and honor the immeasurable contribution that Dorothy Nickerson made to the world of color.  It is also in recognition of the brilliance and un-matched accuracy of the Munsell system of color organization and to mark the Munsell Centennial [1918-2018].

The Maximum Chroma colors presented in the fan are printed with a scientific guarantee of complete accuracy to the 1,500 Munsell Standard Colors (1943).

The 24″ x 24″ poster is presented in a clip frame.

40 Hues – 240 colors

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