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PrismXII is a hub for anyone passionate about color and color analysis using the principles of the 12-tone seasonal system. Created for the benefit of both color analysts and clients, it provides a comprehensive resource for all aspects of personal color analysis including training courses, color products, analyst supplies, and a platform from which to further develop and push the boundaries of color analysis whilst staying true to the 12 seasonal tone color analysis system Sci\Art that was created by Kathryn Kalisz.

Founded by Nikki Bogardus, PrismXII seeks to give Kathryn’s principles and teachings a future by continuing to educate, enhance and enlighten the world with a deeper understanding of color and its impact on our lives.

Training is available for those with a passion to learn more about color and for those wishing to become fully trained PrismXII analysts. All trainees have access to a wealth of knowledge gained by Nikki over the past 14 years, unique resources and receive continued support to build and develop their color analysis business.

Protecting the heritage of Sci/Art, PrismXII has one of the world’s most prized collections of color analysis drapes. The drape sets are from the estate of Kathryn Kalisz, and are now available for purchase, enabling analysts and individuals to own a part of this extraordinary and ground-breaking color analysis system. The drapes are unique and irreplaceable.

PrismXII has scientifically researched the 12-tone seasonal color system and as a result, is able to offer proven color resources formulated with the highest level of color accuracy. PrismXII palettes accurately represent the Munsell® colors for each season with perfectly balanced hue, value, and chroma levels. The purpose of PrismXII is to be the leading resource in enlightening the world with a deeper understanding of color.

Color Palettes

Browse our complete range of color palettes.

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Drape sets

Contact us about our original Sci Art drapes. Only a handful of sets still avaliable.

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Call us directly or email us to find out about training with us as a Munsell ® Accurate colour analyst.

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